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北京福彩双色球 www.jkzoq.com How to determine the performance of electronic balance measurement:

1, the stability of the electronic balance: stability can be divided into long-term stability (creep) and transient stability, long-term stability refers to the electronic balance in the environment of big changes in temperature, instantaneous stability index scales on the analyte after the display immediately shows and remain unchanged. In the long time, the variation of the same measuring object in different time periods is maintained. The smaller the difference of the above parameters, the more stable the performance of electronic balance.

2, electronic balance repeatability: balance repeatability is a measure of electronic balance is a very important technical indicators, if the balance of repeatability is not good, then the collected data is not accurate. Repeatability mainly refers to the electronic balance, repeated weighing many times, the value of volatility. Minimum, maximum and deviation.

3, electronic balance sensitivity: refers to the resolution and resolution of the time limit. Resolution refers to the calibration value E or display resolution D. The smaller the better (sensitivity is high). Reflect the time limit, the electronic balance to increase the sensitivity of the value of a sensitivity to increase the value of the shorter the better. We believe that the electronic balance is quick and sensitive.

4, electronic balance linear accuracy: linear is also a measure of the electronic balance is a very important indicator, mainly refers to the whole weighing range, the display value and the absolute value of the deviation between. The quality of the electronic balance is not very good, that is, after the full-scale calibration, in the electronic balance weighing range is also difficult to obtain more accurate weighing value.

5, the use of electronic balance of life: electronic balance of the life of the length of service life refers to the use of electronic balance of the expected length of the laboratory.

The performance of the electronic balance is good or bad, but also including ease of use, function expansion, etc.. Simply say that any product quality first, service is more important ah!

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